HighTechSpeed is a leading innovator and designer of custom "high-tech" products for your motorcycle and car. We have been in business since 1999 and have established our reputation for quality, innovation, and exciting design.

Our products are available from over 6,500 stores and dealerships in the USA, Canada and internationally, as well as directly from HighTechSpeed through our website. Please browse our site and check out the latest high tech products available in the motorcycle industry.

The brightest, most feature packed tail lights available anywhere. Over 2000 lumens of light output, over 80 programmable patterns, and made in the USA! Radix lights come complete with the lens housing for simple plug-and-play operation.

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Super small, super bright. Less than 1" diameter, over 300 lumens of light output. Made in the USA and available in three styles with three perfect finishes.

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Proton lights are the brightest, most durable and easily visible flushmount turn signals available. With user-adjustable blink effects, exceptional ease of installation, superb visibility from the side as well as at angles, and a sleek modern look, these are the latest must-have accessory for your sportbike.

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The brightest and smallest short stalk signals anywhere.

Zepto Lights are CNC machined from billet 6061 aluminum and anodized in black or silver. Zepto lights are tiny (less than 1/2" [12mm] diameter) and feature over 550 lumens of light output per side. They also feature user-programmable blinker and running light effects.

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Metalights are just that - tiny metal lights. They are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and then anodized in either clear (silver) or matte black. They have over 400 lumens of light output in a wide 30-degree beam angle. Programmable with multiple choices for the low and high intensity modes, Metalights can function as a super bright secondary brake light or turn signal. The tiny housing will be virtually invisible on any vehicle, until they light up - then nobody will miss them, you can be sure!

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Using LED signals with a mechnical flasher causes "fast flash", or even failure to flash at all. In most cases, it is much better to upgrade to an electronic flasher to allow your LED signals to blink at a DOT-legal flash rate. Our ELF2 flasher offers a simple plug-and-play installation on most motorcycles, and instantly fixes fast-flashing quickly and easily, maintaining the benefits of LED signals!

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