Proton 500 Flushmounts

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Proton 500 Signals - Yamaha

Proton 500 flushmounts are the newest version of our market-leading flushmount signals. Released in summer of 2016, the Proton 500 light features over 500 lumens of light per side, eight programmable blinker effects, six programmable running light effects, and are 100% made in the USA.

Yamaha Proton 500
Yamaha Proton 500
Yamaha Proton 500

What makes Proton 500 signals the best you can buy?

  • The brightest flush mount signals made. Over 500 lumens per side.
  • Best fitting. CNC machined from solid acrylic to perfectly match your fairing
  • Designed with a light optimized curved surface to offer front, side and rear visibility.
  • Programmable patterns. Eight blinker patterns and six running light patterns.
  • Longer warranty than any factory signal or any imported aftermarket signal.
  • 100% Made in the USA

Feature List

  • Brightest flushmounts made - over 500 lumens of light per side
  • High frequency voltage regulation - ensures even brightness regardless of voltage
  • Active thermal control. Signals run at maximum possible brightness under all conditions
  • Fully protected against over-voltage and reverse connection
  • Completely waterproof, even when submerged
  • CNC machined from high-impact solid PMMA acrylic. Virtually indestructible
  • Circuit board epoxied into housing for vibration immunity and long life
  • Corrosion resistant mounting hardware
  • Longer warranty than other brands
  • No cutting or trimming of plastic required to install

    Brightness Comparison

    The below pictures are taken with the same camera settings (same aperture, same shutter speed, same focal length, same ISO). No retouching or adjustment has been done. They show an accurate representation of the relative difference in brightness of each signal.

    Each of the above signals were mounted to the panel below. With the camera exposure turned down to the point that the OEM Triumph signal's bulb barely looks turned on, the Proton 500 light is still overloading the camera and lighting up the panel around it. The other flushmount signals barely put out any light at all. Lightbox Image


    Proton 500 Blink Effects
    Brightness Comparison 1
    Brightness Comparison 2


    • Minimum Operating Voltage: 9v
    • Maximum Operating Voltage: 16V
    • Minimum Current Draw: 0.01A (@12V)
    • Maximum Current Draw: 0.5A (@12V)
    • Housing Material: PMMA Acrylic
    • Warranty: 3 years

    Programmable Signal Patterns

    • Standard blink
    • Slow speed strobe
    • Medium speed strobe
    • Fast strobe
    • Multi-speed strobe (fast-slow-fast)
    • Slow fade-in/fade-out
    • Medium fade-in/fade-out
    • Fast fade-in/fade-out

    Programmable Running Light Patterns

    • Intensity Level 1 through 5
    • Rolling fade

    Buy Proton 500 Flushmounts

    Proton 500 Signals generally ship within 1 day of order
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