Our industry leading Proton Flushmount signals have been upgraded to the new Proton 500. The Proton 500 has around TEN times the light output of the original Proton light, as well as seven user-selectable running light patterns and seven user-selectable blinking patterns.

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"The flush mounts are awesome. They are the best looking turn signals out for sure. Your product once again proved pure craftmanship and look plain good."

-Ben from Virginia (2005 Ghost [custom] R1)

"I have seen all the flush mount options out there and these are the best by far. They are bright and noticeable in daylight and I think the perfect blend of looks and function. I held off buying flush mounts because of concerns about visibility from head on, but I was impressed when I saw how these flow with the lines on my bike and still are visible from the front. GREAT product!"

-Brian from Cleveland, OH (2003 R6)
"I paid more for my last flushmounts only to hear from my riding friends that it was hard to notice when I was trying to turn. I set your Proton lights to the strobe pattern and you have no idea how much of a difference it made. I love the clear lenses and anyone who doesnt see them must be blind!"

-JD from San Jose, CA (2005 R1 Raven)
"Hey guys you probably remember talking to me - I was a little skeptical about your flush mounts after seeing people give up safety for looks. I thought these were the nicest looking flushmounts I saw but I had a hard time believing they were bright enough. I wanted to follow up with you to let you know I was wrong - they are so bright! I will send you more pics after my bike project is done. Thanks again!"

-Brandon from Chicago, IL (2002 R1)
"Dear High Tech Speed, I wanted to write and let you know I am happy with the blinkers you sent me. I put them on in about 40 minutes and I had to try them out. They make the bike look so clean and the clear lenses have the euro look. Definitely worth the price"

-Alissa from Tampa, FL (2004 R6)
"Guys, Ok so you asked me to let you know I like these lights. How do I like them? I dont like them, I love them! I just wish I got these a year ago. They totally make the bike and they are very solidly made. So easy to install. I set up the strobe pattern and just daaaaaaamn! Off the hook! "

-Lamar from NYC, NY (2003 GSX-R1000)
"Whats up - checking in from the west coast. I got the lights you sent me, and... and... and... they are sweet! I finally got them on my bike (if you remember the customized CBR). I sprayed them with tint paint from a hobby store and my whole bike is now just black and chrome. It looks totally evil, but the lights are so bright that when they turn on they are definitely visible. I hooked them up to a switch so I can run with running lights on the street (required here in Cali) and switch them off and turn on the strobe when I hit the bike night. You are definitely going to be hearing from my boys after they saw my setup! "

-JJ Patrice from Long Beach CA (2004 CBR-1000RR)


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    Frequent Questions

    Q: How easy are thry to install?
    A: Installation is simple! Proton lights are custom fit to your specific motorcycle. Simply remove your existing blinker stalk, insert the Proton flushmount, secure with the retaining washer and bolt, and connect the wires.

    Q: Will I get "fast flash"?
    A: Proton lights have built-in flash regulation. What this means is that even if your existing turn signals are flashing too quickly because you've changed the blinkers, the Proton lights will still flash at a normal speed. The Proton lights will not, however, slow down your rear blinkers if they are fast-flashing.

    Q: What makes your unit better than others?
    A: Our flushmounts are the brightest on the market. The unique thermal design allows us to pack more LED's and brighter LED's into the unit, allowing for the ultimate in brightness. The housing is CNC machined from solid acrylic. There are no seams and no moving parts to break. The LEDs of the flushmount are designed to distribute the light front to back which allows the Proton flushmount to be visible from the front and rear angles as well as from a side-view. This, combined with the brightness greatly increases visibility and safety. Of course, our flushmounts also have different effects to choose from for the ultimate in cool and visibility. Weatherproof, impact and scratch resistant, overload and reverse-hookup protected.

    Q: Do I have to cut my fenders to install this?
    Not at all. No cutting is required. You simply insert into the blinker cavity in your fairing and secure with the included hardware.

    Q: How long will they last?
    The Proton flushmounts are machined from UV stabilized, impact resistant acrylic. That means that they will not turn yellow like many plastics will when exposed to long periods of sunlight. They are impact resistant which means that they will hold up better than traditional blinkers would to impacts from road debris. They are also scratch resistant which means they will not scratch from being cleaned or during normal use. The LED's are mounted to a fiberglass circuit board with extensive thermal management design which will keep the LED's well within their rated power and heat range. They should easily outlast the motorcycle. The whole unit is filled with a durable epoxy to provide complete waterproofing and immunity to dirt, oil, dust and grime.