X-Arc signals set a new standard in brightness and quality. They are only 0.875" in diameter and produce more than 400 lumens of light per side. They are by far the brightest signals you can buy. But don't take our word for it - look below for the proof.

X-Arc signals are CNC machined from solid aluminum, then either triple chrome plated or anodized, depending on the desired finish. The internal circuit board is current regulated and controlled by a microcontroller chip which constantly monitors the brightness and temperature, ensuring the X-Arc light runs at maximum light output without overheating, ensuring it will run bright and cool for years to come. Installation is easy. The mounting bolt mounts in a 5/16" hole with the wires running through the center of the bolt for a seamless installation. All required hardware is included. X-Arc signals are sold in pairs.

X-Arc Signals are available as

  • Dual intensity yellow (high for turn signal and low for running light)
  • Dual intensity red (high for brake light and low for running light)
  • Dual color, dual intensity red/yellow (low intensity red running light, high intensity red brake light, high intensity yellow turn signal)

    X-Arc Signal Finishes (click for larger image)

    Black Anodize

    Satin Anodize

    Chrome Plated


    LED Colors (click for larger image)

    Red LED

    Yellow LED

    Dual color LED

    Note: running lights are not required to be connected - X-Arc lights can function fine as simple turn signals or brake lights without the running light feature connected.

    All HighTechSpeed products are designed, manufactured and entirely produced in the USA. They carry a one-year warranty and are backed up by our exceptional customer support.

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    X-Arc signals mount with a standard 5/16" bolt (wires through center). The mounting stud is removable, allowing the X-Arc signal to be flush-mounted directly to the bodywork.



    Notes: video is taken outdoors in daylight at mid-day with no post processing.



    X-Arc Signal Finishes (click for larger image)
    Black anodize
    Silver anodize
    Triple chrome plate



  • Pair of X-Arc Signals
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Easy instructions


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    X-Arc Duo (Dual Color) - $149.99
    X-Arc Duo, Black anodize housing Usually ships in 3-5 days

    X-Arc Duo, Satin anodize housing Usually ships in 3-5 days

    X-Arc Duo, Chrome housing Usually ships in 3-5 days

    X-Arc Single (Yellow light) - $99.99
    X-Arc Yellow, Black anodize housing Usually ships in 3-5 days

    X-Arc Yellow, Satin anodize housing Usually ships in 3-5 days

    X-Arc Yellow, Chrome housing Usually ships in 3-5 days

    X-Arc Red (Red light) - $99.99
    X-Arc Red, Black anodize housing Usually ships in 3-5 days

    X-Arc Red, Satin anodize housing Usually ships in 3-5 days

    X-Arc Red, Chrome housing Usually ships in 3-5 days



    Brightness Comparison

    Companies use terms like "super bright" and "latest generation LED's" and "ultra bright", or talk about how many LED's are in their light or how many "MCD's" the lights produce. But all that really matters is the lumens being produced, and the intensity and beam angle. We wanted to illustrate that our X-Arc lights really are as bright as we say. So we did a side-by-side test with several different lights using the same camera settings on the same day - so you can see yourself how they compare. Since the camera settings were kept the same, how these lights appear in these pictures is exactly how they appear in real life side-by-side.

    Our test setup is a fabric film backdrop flat against the wall with two tape measures stuck to it and a desk pushed up against the backdrop. There is another tape measure on the desk to show that all these lights are mounted the same distance from the backdrop. Each light is powered by a fully charged 12 volt motorcycle battery and the light is held in a plastic clamp mounted 30cm (about 12 inches) from the backdrop.

    Let's get started!

    Turn signal comparison

    Ducati Turn Signal

    Yamaha Turn signal

    Rear Harley Turn Signal

    Front Harley Turn Signal

    X-Arc Signal


    The X-Arc signal produces a brighter beam, and the "hot spot" is MUCH larger than any of the factory signals. That means you have not only a brighter turn signal, but that brightness shines in a larger cone of light getting the attention of people all around, not just those directly behind you. The light also hits the ground and lights up the whole area of your bike.

    We wanted to put some numbers with the images too... so our next test takes a standard light meter and places it in the center of the hot spot, then the intensity level is measured in lux (Lux is lumens per square meter). The brightest of the lights above are the two Harley lights - so let's see them compared to the X-Arc light with our light meter....


    Brightness Measurement

    Harley Front Signal

    Harley Rear Signal

    X-Arc Signal