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X-Arc Signals

The brightest signals - really

X-Arc Signals

X-Arc signals set a new standard in brightness and quality. They are only 0.875" in diameter and produce more than 400 lumens of light per side. They are by far the brightest signals you can buy. But don't take our word for it - look below for the proof.

X-Arc signals are CNC machined from solid aluminum, then either triple chrome plated or anodized, depending on the desired finish. The internal circuit board is current regulated and controlled by a microcontroller chip which constantly monitors the brightness and temperature, ensuring the X-Arc light runs at maximum light output without overheating, ensuring it will run bright and cool for years to come. Installation is easy. The mounting bolt mounts in a 5/16" hole with the wires running through the center of the bolt for a seamless installation. All required hardware is included. X-Arc signals are sold in pairs.


Colors and options

X-Arc Signals are available as

  • Dual intensity yellow (high for turn signal and low for running light)
  • Dual intensity red (high for brake light and low for running light)
  • Dual color, dual intensity red/yellow (low intensity red running light, high intensity red brake light, high intensity yellow turn signal)

Size and Fitment

X-Arc signals mount with a standard 5/16" bolt (wires through center). The mounting stud is removable, allowing the X-Arc signal to be flush-mounted directly to the bodywork.

X-Arc Signals Banner

What makes X-Arc signals the best you can buy?

  • The brightest signals available. Over 400 lumens of light output.
  • Very high quality. CNC machined from 6061 aluminum to precision tolerances.
  • Digital microcontroller carefully controls signals for max brightness and long life without overheating
  • Two year warranty and no-hassle customer support
  • 100% Made in the USA

Feature List

  • Brightest, smallest signals made - over 400 lumens of light per side
  • Switching voltage regulation, keeps LED's running cool despite massive light output
  • Active thermal control. Signals run at maximum possible brightness under all conditions
  • Fully protected against over-voltage and reverse connection
  • Precision fit and internal seals provide waterproofing and vibration immunity
  • Housings CNC machined from 6061 aluminum, lenses from solid PMMA acrylic. Virtually indestructible
  • Advanced microcontroller circuit board monitors and controls LED's for stability and long-life.
  • Corrosion resistant mounting hardware
  • 2-year warranty
  • Tiny size doesn't spoil the lines of your bike. Huge light output ensure you will be seen.

    Brightness Comparison

    Companies like to use terms like "super bright" and "latest generation LED's" or talk about the number of LED's their signals use. All that matters is how many lumens of light the signals output and how wide the beam of light is. It's difficult to find lumen ratings and virtually nobody will show you how their signals compare against a factory signal, because almost every aftermarket signal is MUCH dimmer than a basic factory Harley bulb turn signal.

    We want to show that X-Arc lights really are as bright as we say. They put out a lot more light than a factory signal, and in a much wider angle, meaning your bike is MUCH more noticeable than stock, even though the X-Arc signal is one of the smallest signals on the market. The pictures below are taken with the same camera settings with the signals mounted the same distance (12in/30cm) from the backdrop.


    X-Arc Signals Demonstration


    • Minimum Operating Voltage: 10v
    • Maximum Operating Voltage: 16V
    • Minimum Current Draw: 0.1A (@12V)
    • Maximum Current Draw: 0.8A (@12V)
    • Housing Material: 6061 Aluminum
    • Warranty: 2 years

    Buy X-Arc Signals

    X-Arc Signals generally ship within 3-5 days of order
    Yellow LED (dual intensity - running light and turn signal)
    Black Housing Yellow LED $99.99 Out of stock
    Satin (silver) Housing Yellow LED $99.99 Out of stock
    Chrome Housing Yellow LED $99.99 Out of stock
    Red LED (dual intensity - run/brake or run/turn)
    Black Housing Red LED $99.99 Out of stock
    Satin (silver) housing Red LED $99.99 Out of stock
    Chrome Housing Red LED $99.99 Out of stock
    Duo LED - Dual function, Red and yellow LED's. Brake/Turn/Run in one
    Black Housing Dual color LED $149.99 Out of stock
    Satin (silver) housing Dual color LED $149.99 Out of stock
    Chrome housing Dual color LED $149.99 Out of stock